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Benefits of a Medspa vs. Day Spa

Benefits of a Medspa vs. Day Spa Questions and Answers

Medical Spas greatly differ from Day Spas, although they both offer great services. However, Med Spas offer a more experienced side of medical spa services that you wouldn’t be able to get at a day spa. At La Vie MedSpa we offer a wide variety of services. For more information call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve clients from Opelousas LA, Eunice LA, Lafayette LA, Crowley LA, New Iberia LA, Jennings LA and Baker LA.

Benefits of a Medspa vs. Day Spa in Opelousas, LA
Benefits of a Medspa vs. Day Spa in Opelousas, LA

Table of Contents:

What is the difference between a day spa and a med spa?
What do medical spas offer?
What are the most popular medical spa services?
Do I need a referral to a med spa?

Day spas serve as therapeutic getaways, offering relaxing services like Swedish massage and cucumber facials. Med spas provide the same relaxing atmosphere while also offering medical treatments and minimally invasive procedures, like dermal fillers and laser skin treatments.

What is the difference between a day spa and a med spa?

A day spa is a relaxing getaway that offers refreshing treatments such as massage and facials in an intentionally created, tranquil atmosphere. Day spas typically offer different styles of massages, such as Swedish or deep tissue, and generally offer diverse facial treatments as well. However, their treatment options are limited, as spa staff are not qualified to perform minimally invasive procedures or any procedure that would break the skin.

This is where med spas differ. They offer the same relaxing atmosphere with medically qualified staff that can perform procedures that pierce the skin, such as dermal fillers. They can also offer more intensive facial treatments, like microdermabrasion, vampire facials, hydradermabrasion and chemical peels. Med spas place an emphasis on aesthetic treatments and can be both medical and elective.

What do medical spas offer?

Medical spas offer a wide variety of different services which differ greatly from clinic to clinic. La Vie Medspa offers a long list of services, including:

Face Treatments
• Chemical peels
• Microdermabrasion
• Hydradermabrasion
• Vampire facials
• Mesogold

Laser Treatments
• Laser hair removal
• CO2 resurfacing
• Tattoo removal

IV Therapy

• Juvederm
• Restylane L
• Restylane Lyft
• Dysport

Body Treatment
• SmartLipo
• Sculpsure
• Body-Jet Water Assisted Liposuction
• Skin Tightening
• Sclerotherapy

Massage therapy
• Swedish massage
• Stone massage
• Deep tissue massage
• Custom-tailored massage unique for your needs

What are the most popular medical spa services?

Med spas have massively increased in popularity over the past several years, with some services, such as injectables, performed millions of times every year across the country, and others recently gaining popularity due to insurgence on social media, such as vampire facials. Some of the most popular med spa services include:

• Massage therapy — Different massage styles and techniques are applied, with unique approaches for each client.
• Dermal fillers — Popular dermal fillers include ones with a hyaluronic acid base such as Juvederm.
• Laser hair removal — Eliminating the need for shaving, laser hair removal is a convenient alternative to conventional methods of hair removal.
• Microdermabrasion — This facial exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells to reveal the healthy ones underneath.
• Vampire facials — With the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), vampire facials rejuvenate the skin and provide a youthful glow.
• Botox or Dysport — Composed of the botulinum toxin, Botox and Dysport are used in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and provide a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

Do I need a referral to a med spa?

Med spas do not typically require a physician’s referral to use their services. Appointments are available for everyone. Although some med spas can perform medically necessary procedures that can be referred to by a licensed physician, a referral is not a prerequisite for service at a medspa. Many med spa services are elective, meaning that they are not urgently necessary but rather chosen by the patient.

If you or someone you know is looking for a top-rated med spa, come to La Vie Medspa today! Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in a wide number of med spa treatments, from fillers to facials, and can provide you with the youthful appearance you desire. For more information on our med spa service and how they can benefit you, call our office and get in touch with a member of our specialist team. To book an appointment with our med spa specialist, visit our website or speak with us over the phone today.