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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Opelousas, LA

Looking for the latest in laser hair removal? La Vie MedSpa laser hair removal treatments are for you! We will help you achieve smooth, hairless legs, bikini area, brazilian, arms, under arms, and more! Call us or request an appointment online.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Near Me in Opelousas, LA

One of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted hair is with laser hair removal. It offers great results, is long lasting, and can even provide some permanent results! We offer laser hair removal here at La Vie MedSpa, so if you live in our area, you should contact us or come by our med spa for a consultation. We’re your local provider of laser hair removal treatment in Opelousas, LA!

How permanent is laser hair removal?

The treatment is about as close to permanent as possible. Laser hair removal works by damaging and destroying hair follicles, but it doesn’t destroy all of the follicles at once in an area. However, once a hair follicle is destroyed, hair won’t be able to grow from it anymore. Also, although the damaged follicles will still regrow or continue to grow hair, the growth will be slow and the hairs themselves will be finer and easier to treat in additional sessions. Maintenance will be easier too.

Multiple sessions and maintenance treatments can destroy more and more hair follicles to provide the best results possible. After your first treatment with us here at La Vie MedSpa, we’ll help you schedule more sessions and maintenance treatments that accommodate your schedule and esthetic goals. You can expect significant results from your treatments and for your results to last 6 to 12 months, but results vary, so please keep that in mind. The results from razor shaving or other hair removal methods just don’t compare to the results from laser hair removal!

How many sessions do you need for laser hair removal?

This depends on factors like the technology used for the treatment, the provider of the treatment, and what areas you need treated. Generally, patients can expect results right after their very first treatment, but it’ll take several more treatments for permanent or long-lasting results. In about 4 to 6 sessions spaced about 4 weeks apart, patients will see a 70 to 80 percent reduction in hair and hair growth. Maintenance treatments once a year are important to prolong results.

Is it worth getting laser hair removal?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says the average cost of laser hair removal is around $429, but this cost will depend on the type of laser used, the provider, and other factors. Considering how long the results last for and that the effects can be permanent, it’s easy to consider the treatment worth it if you can afford it. Also, maintenance treatments are easier than the initial treatments, so they may cost less too. Over here at La Vie MedSpa, our pricing is competitive. To learn more about it and laser hair removal with us, give us a call today at our medspa or just come on by to check out our relaxing spa environment for yourself!

Do you offer laser hair removal treatment in Opelousas, LA?

We sure do! You can get laser hair removal at the La Vie MedSpa at 2967 South Union Street, Opelousas, LA 70570. If you’d like to learn more about the treatment or schedule a consultation/appointment with us, give us a call at (337) 594-9044 during regular work hours. We’d love to hear from you and help you with your esthetic needs, so don’t hesitate to call us today if there’s anything we can do for you!