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Mesogold Therapy in Opelousas, LA

Looking to rejuvenate and tighten your skin? Want to remove excess fat still? At La Vie MedSpa in Opelousas, LA we offer mesogold therapy that helps you achieve smoother, healthier & younger-looking skin! Book your appointment now or call us for more details.


Mesogold Therapy Near Me in Opelousas, LA

With all of the different dermal fillers, facials, and other cosmetic procedures out there these days, it can be dizzying trying to decide which treatment would work best for you. If only there were a treatment that was versatile enough to be custom-suited to your individual needs! Well, at La Vie MedSpa, we are excited to inform you that there is! Mesogold therapy is an innovative microneedling technique that contains a personalized solution depending on your specific skin care needs.

What is Mesogold Stamp?

A Mesogold gold stamp is a microneedling applicator with hypoallergenic 24K gold plated microneedles that are thinner than a single hair follicle at 0.13mm, and which also contains a serum that is full of nutrient-rich ingredients. This serum can be customized to an individual’s skin care needs. As such, it may include hyaluronic acid, vitamin and collagen boosters, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), or neuromodulators, such as Micro-Botox, all depending on the individual patient and the specialist’s discretion.

What does Mesogold do to your face?

Since the Mesogold applicator can contain a variety of different kinds of serums, depending on the patient’s skin type, Mesogold therapy will vary in what it does for your face. For example, if the applicator contains a neuromodulator, it will help reduce muscle activity that leads to wrinkles and fine lines. In contrast, if it contains hyaluronic acid, it will promote collagen production and help bring volume and firmness to your skin. As such, it is an extremely versatile procedure! Mesogold therapy can help with fine lines, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, hollow cheeks, acne or acne scars, pigmentation, brown spots, stretch marks, reducing pore size, and even hair restoration!

During the actual procedure, the thinness of the applicator’s needles makes it so that pain is virtually eliminated. However, if you would feel more comfortable with having a topical anesthetic before the serum is delivered or mixing a little bit of lidocaine in with the serum, that can be accommodated for you. The full treatment session takes about one hour and requires no recovery time. Mesogold is commonly used on neck, décolletage, scalp, back of hands, and around the mouth and eyes.

With the wide range of issues that Mesogold therapy can treat, we can almost guarantee that it would hold some benefit to any patient who walks through our doors at La Vie MedSpa. An initial consultation is typically required before the procedure so that the specialist can adequately understand your skin care needs and make recommendations for the kind of serum that would benefit you most.

How long does Mesogold Last?

Results from Mesogold therapy can be expected to last around three to four months, after which we recommend coming in for another treatment session. However, the duration of the results will likely vary according to the type of serum that the specialist administers. These results should begin to appear within three to five days of receiving Mesogold therapy. After the procedure, your specialist will provide you with some recommendations for when they think you should return for another treatment.

Come experience the innovative and versatile Mesogold therapy at La Vie MedSpa in Opelousas, Louisiana! If you are interested in learning more about this procedure or would like to book an appointment with us, we would love to hear from you! Either call us at (337) 594-9044 or schedule an appointment with us through our website. You can find La Vie MedSpa at 2967 South Union Street in Opelousas, Louisiana, and can reach us during the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Mesogold Therapy Near Me in Opelousas, LA
Mesogold Therapy in Opelousas, LA
Mesogold Therapy in Opelousas, LA