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SmartLipo in Opelousas, LA

Are you interested in improving your body shape? Then this might be the ideal procedure for you! At La Vie MedSpa we offer smart lipo, that selectively and permanently removes fat cells from body and gives you ideal figure. Book your appointment now or call us for more details.

Smart Lipo Treatment Near Me in Opelousas, LA

If you’ve been considering a lipo procedure, then you might be wondering how it works and whether the procedure has changed much over the years. Today, liposuction can be combined with laser technology, and this is what SmartLipo is all about. La Vie MedSpa can provide this procedure and we’re happy to tell you more about it so you can make a fully educated decision about whether to proceed with it. We’re your local provider of SmartLipo in Opelousas, LA.

What is the SmartLipo procedure?

With liposuction, fat can be removed from the body, but when it’s done with laser technology, the procedure is significantly better. SmartLipo combines liposuction with laser tech, two techniques that have been refined and honed by medical professionals worldwide. The procedure is available for patients who want fat removal from areas like the torso, face, and limbs, and everything from drooping underarms to unsightly love handles can be treated. Stubborn deposits of fat are no problem at all for SmartLipo! The treatment actually destroys fat and then removes it for good.

What is the difference between SmartLipo and regular lipo?

With regular liposuction, unwanted fat is sucked out from the body surgically, and SmartLipo is similar. The difference, though, is that with SmartLipo, advanced laser technology assists in the procedure. A professional will make a tiny incision in the area a patient wants treated, and then the professional will insert a small tube with a laser fiber into the area. Then, different laser strengths will be used to break down the membranes of fat in the area, and this essentially melts the fat, making it much easier for the liposuction to remove it.

The big benefit of this procedure is that only minimal and minor incisions are done. Also, the procedure can be quicker than regular liposuction because the fat is easier to remove. Overall, SmartLipo is quicker for and easier on the patient, and even more effective than regular liposuction. And because SmartLipo is easier on the patient, recovery time is quicker too!

How long does it take to recover from SmartLipo?

After a patient gets a SmartLipo treatment, there is some downtime and recovery time required, but this is usually minimal. Any swelling, bruising, or pain will likely be minimal and go away quickly. After about three days, the patient will be able to return to work so long as it doesn’t entail strenuous activities. After about three weeks, the patient will be able to get back to strenuous activities like recreational activities, etc.

With the SmartLipo treatment, once the fat has been removed from the body, it’s gone for good, and results can be maintained by keeping a healthy weight, diet, and lifestyle. Also, there’s another interesting benefit of the treatment: the laser technology used in SmartLipo encourages collagen production in the treated area, and this helps the skin renew itself. As a result, the patient gets healthier, younger, tighter skin in the area! This is definitely complementary to the smaller, more sculpted figure you’ll get after the procedure.

Where can I get SmartLipo in Opelousas, LA?

You can get the treatment right here with us at La Vie MedSpa. We offer the SmartLipo treatment near you at 2967 South Union Street, Opelousas, LA 70570. To learn more about the treatment or to book a consultation with us, reach out to us at (337) 594-9044 during regular work hours. We’d love to hear from you to discuss SmartLipo and its benefits with you in greater detail, so if you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to call us today!