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Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup in Opelousas, LA

At La Vie MedSpa we offer mineral makeup by Jane Iredale that gives you natural and more beautiful look. Book your appointment now or call us for more details.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Near Me in Opelousas, LA

Jane Iredale mineral makeup is natural makeup that is free from FD&C dyes, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrance, and talc.  Their goal is to keep makeup as effective, simple and natural as possible.

Pressed and loose powder have an SPF of 20 for UVA protection.

Jane Iredale Testimonial:

Dear Jane,

I want to thank you for developing a makeup line that helps with acne.  My daughter is 16, and has suffered with cystic acne for the past two years.  She was placed on an oral antibiotic that caused her to develop severe vertigo, muscle and stomach problems, and abnormal liver functioning (that has resolved itself).  Her acne became so bad after she was taken off the antibiotic that she developed dark acne scars.  After switching cleansing systems, and using topical prescriptions, she began to show some clearing of the acne.  We noticed your makeup line at her dermatologist office, but had been using another mineral makeup, which we thought was mild and safe for the skin.  She continued to break out and developed more scarring.  We decided to do some research on the makeup she was using, and compared it with ingredients in your line.  I was devastated to learn that her makeup may have been causing her cystic acne all along.  We made an appointment with an aesthetician who showed her which products in your line would work for her. She used the disappear concealer,and the pressed powder foundation, along with a pretty blush.  She looked beautiful, and the products covered her scarring, without looking heavy.  Within three days of purchasing the makeup, her face began to clear. This was amazing, because during this time, she was playing softball in a weekend tournament, in 100 degree weather!  It has now been two weeks and she is almost completely clear!   We can’t wait to see what happens in two more weeks.  This has helped bring her confidence back.

With Sincere Gratitude,


For more info visit: Jane Iredale

Beautiful Skin from Within with Jane Iredale Supplements!

  • Skin Complete – Ideal for Aging SkinSkin Vit A & Skin Antiox Duo –  This dynamic duo works in synergy to protect skin from the inside.
  • SKIN VIT A+ is Ideal for Oily Skin: Skin Vitamin A+ works in synergy with vitamin D to help maintain healthy skin, as well as strong bones and muscles & is important for normal cell production and repair. It helps prevent collagen breakdown and maintains skin firmness. 1 tab daily.
  • SKIN ANTIOXIDANT: Ideal for Protecting Skin: Skin Antioxidant is formulated with seven super phytonutrients found in plants. Skin Antioxidant helps to protect your skin and keep it looking younger for longer. One tablet a day with food is recommended.
  • Skin Omegas – A proprietary blend of omega-3, omega-6, evening primrose oil and vitamin A. Omega’s play a crucial role in cell renewal throughout the body, including the skin. They have also see improvement in hair growth with skin omegas. Two capsules a day with food. Use with Skin Complete or Skin Accumax for best results.
  • Skin Accumax – Ideal for Acneic Skin: Skin Accumax™ works from within for clear, flawless skin naturally. Skin Accumax™ contains DIM which works from the inside out. Suitable for all skin types, designed to promote healthy skin to help clear acne, and improve problem skin. 4 tablets a day with food for a min. of 14 weeks will produce results even for the most stubborn problem skin. Some may take 2 tablets a day with food.
Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Near Me in Opelousas, LA
Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Near Me in Opelousas, LA